Shezan Mango Pickle in Oil 310g

Available in: 310g Glass Bottle

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Pucker up for a flavor explosion with Shezan Mango Pickle in Oil! Sun-ripened mangoes from Pakistan are pickled with zesty spices, creating a tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy condiment. Enjoy it alongside curries, rice, or dals, or blend for a delicious chutney. Use Shezan pickles as an accompaniment to take your food to the next level of flavor and taste!


Mango, Sunflower Oil, Red Chilli, Garlic, Acetic Acid (E-260), Salt, Fenugreek Seed, Fennel Seed, Turmeric, Carom Seed, Cumin Seed, Coriander, Nigella Sativa, Citric Acid (E-330) & Mustard Seed.

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Shelf Life: 24 Months
Storage Instruction: Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

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