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Shezan Iconic Non-Returnable Glass Bottles are Here!

We are thrilled to announce that Shezan’s iconic non-returnable glass bottles are back! These classic bottles, which were a popular beverage choice across the Subcontinent during the 70s, are making a comeback with five exotic flavors: Mango, Lemon Barley, Grapefruit, Lychee, and Pomegranate.

Each flavor is carefully crafted to bring you the authentic taste you remember, now in the same iconic glass bottle that was a staple in households and celebrations decades ago. These non-returnable bottles offer the perfect blend of nostalgia and deliciousness, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite Shezan juices in style.

You can find these beloved drinks at all A1 Cash & Carry locations, your nearest retailers, and leading online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, South Asian Central, and at

About Shezan Foods
Shezan Foods is one of the leading public limited companies from South Asia, renowned for their high-quality products. With their own farms, Shezan is one of the largest growers of premium Chaunsa mangoes, ensuring that every bottle of their juice is packed with the finest flavors nature has to offer.

Distribution in Canada
In Canada, A1 Cash & Carry proudly partners with Shezan Foods to distribute these iconic beverages. This partnership ensures that Shezan’s high-quality juices are readily available to customers across the country.

Whether you’re reliving old memories or trying these flavors for the first time, Shezan’s iconic non-returnable glass bottles are sure to delight. Don’t miss out on this nostalgic and flavorful experience—grab your favorite Shezan juice today!

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